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We create video stories that are impactful, inclusive & diverse

With over 20 years of experiences, we have been creating high quality video content all over the world.

We are a woman-owned, full-service video production studio with global production expertise.

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Happy Clients

“Couldn't have done it without you.”

“Thank you, and great job, producer Rachel! Couldn’t have done it without you. The video has close to 300,000 views, and last I checked a lot of people were watching the video to the end! Thanks a ton for all your help. It was an absolute pleasure working with you and look forward to the next time.”


“I trust Specular with my most important project.”

"Rachel and her team are top talent. Specular helped my company deliver a complex production on a tight timeline, including managing outside contractors, and staying on budget while delivering early. I trust Specular with my most important projects."


“This may be the beginning of driving engagement”

“Hey guys – I like to pass on good news and good feedback. The comments are more robust and some actionable… with added value. Enjoy! This may be the beginning of driving engagement.”

Best Buy

“Over and beyond”

“Just a note to say a HUGE thank you for everything. You and the team really went over and beyond today. I cannot tell you how much that means to me!”

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About Us

We are a global team of thinkers, creators, strategists, and doers. We have roamed the streets of Seattle, NYC, Seoul, Beijing, London, and Berlin to grab the real people's stories.

Our superpower is creating authentic videos that tell impactful, inclusive and diverse stories.

Learn more about us and how we got started

Core Values

Diversity is at our core because we believe representation matters. Inclusion is not just a buzz word, we try to practice it in everything we do.

We believe change only happens when we actively participate in the cause. We’re committed to providing opportunities to talented creatives who have been overlooked because of their gender and race. Diverse perspectives are a key to the top level creativity we are able to share, and the root of the authentic storytelling we are able to tell.



Empathy is the foundation of who we are, what we do, and how we approach each other. We care about one another and show appreciation.



For us to tell great stories, we have to be curious. Curious about others, their background, and their reasons why. We are curious storytellers.



We believe everyone has creativity in them because creativity comes in many forms. The sum of uniquely yours is what makes Specular, spectacular.



Resilience — the ability to thrive under change — is in our DNA. Video production as a whole requires flexibility and responsiveness. Resilience is how we approach every production - relentlessly explore, innovate, reinvent, and thrive.



We are here to do the right thing, period.



Empowered people empower others. We encourage each other to try new things, share information, and make decisions for positive impact.

Our Team

Rachel Nussbaum

Founder, Executive Producer

Cheryl Ediss

Director, Senior Producer

Shenei Ro

Asia Pacific Regional Producer, Writer, Broadcaster

Timothy Alan

Art Director, Senior Motion Designer and Editor

Awards & Recognition

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