How we work

Our strategy, creative direction and expert video knowledge are the main ingredients for our success and repeat clients.

We help you create the experiences you dream of for your customers and business partners - emotionally moved, informed, and motivated for action.

It’s not just about the product, it’s about the people behind it. Our passion is to share your passion, to empower your story through the magic of video storytelling.

We provide conceptual design, content strategy, and media production to empower you to grow your digital presence, promote goods and services, and enhance your brand. We love to work with startups and companies of all sizes!

Here is a sample workflow from concept to final delivery:

  • Initial Meeting: We will hear your needs and identify the type of videos for the desired outcome.
  • Proposal: We will discuss strategy and creative direction and propose our solution.
  • Agreement and Kick off project
  • Workback schedule and milestone check: Our producers will keep things in line for budget and communicate with you on each milestone all the way to the finish line.
  • Production and postproduction: Depending on the type of video, there will be a variety of activities in production and postproduction process. This is the fun part! Sometimes, we will need an army of specialists (we call them video crew and post team) to make the movie magic happen. Each video making process will be tailored specifically based on the creative direction and project budget.
  • Final Delivery: We deliver you the final video(s). You upload and watch the view count go up and up and up.

With every video, we look at the big picture as part of the overall brand and strategy. At the same time, we think through the specifics and the goals of each video to make sure we inspire the right type of action at the end.

When you work with us, we ask lots of questions about your company, your product, and your desired audience. Not only will you have an amazing video (or video series) at the end, you'll enjoy each step of the way.