July 20, 2023
3 min read

5 Types of Product Launch Videos

In my last newsletter, I discussed the questions you need to ask when creating product/service launch videos. Now let's dive into different types of videos. I'll use some of our own examples and what I found online that I liked. But first, I want to emphasize that great storytelling is at the core of all these video types.

1. Customer Testimony: This is a very effective way of launching your new products or services, especially in a B2B setting. The success stories from your customers go a long way to convincing potential clients to consider your products/services. A quote from our client, “We really did actually achieve what we wanted to achieve. We got the word out and got the visibility we had hoped for.” I also recommend a blog post alongside the video to go in-depth on what you'd like to highlight for your potential customers.

2. Animation: Animated video can be very versatile in storytelling. It is a great way to convey complex information in a simple and engaging way. Animation allows for high creativity and flexibility, so companies can use it to create unique and memorable videos. I was reminded of this PSA (Public Service Announcement) "Dumb Ways to Die" the other day when I heard their iconic song from my son's iPad. He was playing a game called "Dumb Ways to Die". I had no idea that this PSA had evolved into an iOS game! This video was the world’s most shared PSA, hit the internet in November 2012. The public service announcement campaign was launched by Metro Trains Melbourne to promote rail safety. The safety campaign video went viral through YouTube, quickly shared on social media. Talk about creativity here! I bet you will be humming this song for the rest of your day.

3. Behind the Scenes videos: I enjoy watching behind-the-scenes videos from movie sets. It's always fun to see the process of making movie magic. Behind-the-scenes video can be a great strategy for many products for their launch. It can be a photo shoot, or a video shoot of your new products. Taking your audience to the set is a fun way to engage them.

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4. Motion Graphics and 3D animation: When working with a prototype and preparing the marketing video, motion graphics and 3D animation might be precisely what you need. You can highlight a patented technology, like the below example, to tell the audience how your product sets apart from your competitors.

5. Unboxing videos: There are so many unboxing videos for many different types of products. They are usually fun to watch and informative. Small businesses should consider creating this type of video regularly to increase awareness and grow social media followers. If you are starting and don't have an influencer to do it for you, that's okay. There are lots of tutorials out there to create unboxing videos. Be sure to add your personality and make it authentically yours.

There are other types of videos that leverage social media, such as Instagram Live and TikTok. Whatever method you choose, I suggest selecting the style that works with your products and services. If you need help figuring out where to start or want to brainstorm ideas, contact me here on LinkedIn!