October 19, 2023
3 min read

Unlocking the Potential of Thought Leadership Videos: A Game-Changer for Your Content Marketing Strategy?

In this issue, we'llexplore why thought leadership videos have become the go-to strategy forbusinesses and individuals looking to establish their authority, engage theiraudience, and take their content marketing to new heights.

So, what constitutes a thought leadership?

  • Forward-thinking topic: Discuss emerging trends, innovative strategies, or new technologies in the industry. The topic is relevant and of interest to B2B buyers. It also aligns with the brand's expertise and product offerings.
  • Expert speakers: The speakers in the video are recognized experts  in the field. They could be senior executives from the brand; industry thought leaders, or external experts. They provide deep insights and unique perspectives on the topic.
  • Engaging format: The video is well-produced and engaging. It could include storytelling, case studies, interviews, animations, or nteractive elements. The content should be presented in a clear and concise manner, with practical recommendations for the viewers.

So, how do these thought leadership videos help your business?

  • Building Trust and  Authority: I love this TikTok example of NY Times Editor of Book Review and his book recommendations.
  • Strategies for success: Get practical tips and strategies for creating  compelling thought leadership videos that captivate your viewers.
  • Real-Life Success Stories: In the first five months on YouTube, “Partnering for Success” achieved 130% of projected views, achieved 160% of projected impressions, and outperformed similar videos on the Wiley YouTube channel.Proff’s team also received direct positive feedback from customers who were impressed by the voices of the interviewees who had participated in the video. The “Partnering for Success” video not only successfully reached the Wiley community at large, but the voices of the partners in the video also established brand trust for the newly formed division.
  • SEO Benefits: Thought leadership videos can boost your search     engine rankings and enhance your online visibility.

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